Recently, atrocities have been committed by your government. Here are just a few examples.

In Edmonton, Pastor James Coates was arrested. He was left in jail for 2 weeks. Then, Pastor Coates was denied bail because he refused to knuckle under and crawl. As a result, he is being kept in jail until May. His crime? He has been preaching to a full congregation for the past 6 months. No one has caught Covid at his church but that doesn't matter. The police and governmentcontinue their vindictive brutality unchecked.

A church in Saskatchewan was fined $14,000. What happened? A criminal conspiracy took place when parishioners at the church defied an illegal Covid regulation and began to sing. Out loud. Without masks. If you defy the goverment, you will be punished. How dare you use your common sense? How dare you practice your faith?

In Toronto, a police radio message was heard and recorded. It reveals the corruption of the police and their puppetmasters. Dr. Eileen Devilla says she follows the science but she lies. John Tory says he is paying attention to the science but that police radio message shows that he lies like a dog.

The radio message at a lockdown protest said, "Remove the identifiable leaders and arrest anyone with a megaphone or a sign." That is an astonishing plot against the people, a deliberate plan to suppress your charter right to peaceably assemble. It is clear that their only interest is to control the people and break up any demonstrations that threaten their authoritative rule.

Meanwhile, a Tamil Tigers group is allowed to march in Toronto untounched. The Tamil Tigers have been designated by Canada as a terrorist organization. So terrorists can demostrate but citizens cannot. Is that the new normal?

Thanks to Rebel News for reporting on these events. Without them, these events would go unreported by the complicit cowardly corporate media.

These are not isolated incidents. There have been thousands of similar incidents across the country.

These government intrusions are an unconstitutional attack against the "freedom of peaceful assembly" (Charter Section 2c) and "freedom of association" (Charter Section 2d). Their actions are so egregious, so dark and dangerous, words cannot do justice to the describe the attack on democracy. If governments don't change their ways, they will ultimatedly incite civil disobedience on a grand scale. Free people are patient but there is a limit.


News of cops behaving badly during the pandemic is overshadowing cops behaving badly pre-pandemic. Long before the George Floyd incident in May of 2020, cops were routinely breaking laws and trampling people's charter rights.

There are just too many incidents of bad and criminal behavior to claim there are "a few bad apples". These are dirty cops. More disturbing, these dirty cops report to dirty supervisors and dirty managers who, themselves, are complicit by supporting and protecting the dirty cops. AFter all, they were dirty cops doing the same thing before they were promoted to dirty supervisor. If dirty cops report to dirty managers, who is protecting the people? No one! Expecially not the politicians who are also complicit in protecting the dirty police services.

Barrie, Ontario

This is a perfect example of "don't f**k with the police or you will pay the price". Their egos were wounded so they beat the guy up. Clearly these officers, all of them, need to be fired. Just reassigning one cop to "other duties" is a joke. The leadership's claims of concern and accountability are a bad joke. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. For those who need the translation, "The more things change, the more they stay the same."

Is it any wonder people are suspicious and/or scared of any interaction with cops. The danger is real. To quote Forrest Gump's momma, "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get." When a cop stops you, with or without cause, you never know what you are going to get.

Until there is a wholesale change in the behavior of the police, their management and the arrogance of bureaurcrats and politicans these incidents will continue. The slightest enfringement of a persons right must not be tolerated. Police departments need to be cleaned out from top to bottom to eradicate, once and for all, the unconstitutional actions of the police. And, in the face of the pandemic, the same goes for bureaucrats and politicians who have forgotten who they work for. They need to be stripped of their power to lord it over everyone in the name of health and safety.

Canadians are nice but they are not stupid. Cops will get killed when people are pushed to far. Revolution will happen when people are pushed too far.

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