JUNE, 2021

Kiss the Hippocratic oath goodbye. The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, the CPSO, announces a change of name to better reflect its real mission.

The CPSO will become the CMBA, the College of Medical Bureaucrats and Apparatchiks. They will no longer pretend to “follow the science”.  (They never did. That was just a ruse.) They will follow their political masters, as usual. They also announce the selection of a new mascot, Robert Young. He played a doctor (Marcus Welby) on TV but he was really an actor, just like the members of the CMBA.

The board of the College of Medical Bureaucrats and Apparatchiks is pleased that Kieran  Moore has been appointed the new Ontario chief medical officer of death, replacing retiring David Williams who performed brilliantly as the chief bureaucrat overseeing the death of more than 9,000 Ontarians, mostly useless old people. The CMBA has added the effervescent Teresa Scam and the especially brittle Eileen DeVilla to be the public face of the new CMBA. We no longer refer to them as Dr. since they no longer act like doctors.

I recently had an appointment with a man who claimed to be Dr. but his true profession became clear when I said that, as of July 4th, I will no longer need to wear a mask. It will have been two weeks since my second COVID shot. “No, no”, he corrected. “You still have to wear a mask!”, he insisted. I asked why? I can no longer get or give COVID. I am protected. “No, no”, he corrected. “There is still a small chance you could get Covid”, he insisted. I asked him what the percent probability was? He had no answer. His name is Aashish Kalani and he is definitely not “following the science”. He is following HIS political masters, the CMBA. They have threatened their members if they don’t tow the line. Read the CDC’s Choosing Safer Acts (pdf).

I asked my family doctor, Leema Dookoo, about hydroxychloroquine. She said she was not “allowed” to talk about it. I sent her links to volumes of proof of the efficacy of Ivermectin. I asked her for a prescription to use it prophylactically. She had a feeble excuse to say no. I asked if she would give it to me if I got Covid-19? She said maybe. Wrong answer! I am an old fat guy. If I get COVID-19, the probability of death is very high. It was very disappointing to hear that my family doctor was willing to let me die rather than try everything possible to save me. It speaks volumes about the power of the state and the weakness of the profession. We used to hold the medical profession in high regard. No more.

The CMBA is not following the science either. The CDC says that masks are not required if you have been fully vaccinated. You’re being sold a bill of goods to stomp on your bill of rights. This week Teresa Scam started the process leading to the next lockdown when she warned Canadians about the delta variant coming soon to a theatre near you.

You can kiss the Hippocratic oath goodbye. The CMBA and its members don’t honor it - probably never did. How do I know that? They have assiduously dismissed potential treatments for COVID-19 without investigation. In fact, the CMBA has threatened its membership with losing their licence if they even talk about certain treatments. And, the membership has followed along without a whimper. They could have saved thousands of lives and chose not to. It is as shameful as the Indigenous deaths at residential schools. They are both shameful acts of criminal neglect.

Here’s another example of the corruption of the profession. Ever wonder why they have not found a cure for cancer? The answer is simple. The money would stop. Ever wonder why the CDC, FDA and other medical and research institutions around the world refuse to consider repurposed drugs as treatments for COVID-19? The answer is simple. There’s no money in it. The collusion of big government with big pharma and big tech to silence and punish any dissent is stunning and dangerous to your health and your freedom.

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