MAY, 2021


The leader of a national political party is arrested, handcuffed and thrown in jail for eight hours for meeting with 8 people. On release from jail, he was told by the police to leave the province or they will follow him and find a reason to arrest him again.

What country do you think this is?Congo? Cameroon? Cambodia? Cuba? Nope! The answer is CANADA! That’s right. You now live in the banana republic of Canada. The province is Manitoba. The political leader is Maxime Bernier, former Conservative cabinet minister and leader of the new People’s Party of Canada. In the new COVID Canada, you have no rights, no freedoms. You don’t have the freedom of assembly or freedom of speech or the right to petition your government for redress.

It's all gone unless YOU decide to stand up and fight back against the tyranny of the government class.

Governments across Canada are bringing the full weight of their privileged position of power to attack those who defy them. Their emergency orders, their improper use of the police to enforce those orders is beyond reasonable. It is illegal. But they have unlimited money. Your money! So they can attack with impunity. In Alberta for example, the Alberta Health Officials got a secret court order to close a restaurant and arrest the owner. That is simply beyond the pale. That is a bureaucracy out of control. That is the judiciary out of control. That is a police bureaucracy out of control. 

But wait. Joy is just around the corner! The Alberta government has decided that July 1st will be the day the draconian emergency orders end. Why July 1st? Where’s the science behind July 1st? Why not June 23rd or August 4th? It is obviously arbitrary and totally political. That also, by the way, makes it unconstitutional. So, does that mean all the trouble the government has caused pastor, restaurant owners, and others in the past month will be dropped? Don’t hold your breath. Vindictive governments everywhere will keep trying to “fix your little red wagon”.

Someone should let these government thugs know that the constitution is not void where prohibited by law.



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