I just watched two doctors on CTV whine and cry about how bad things are in Toronto; how the hospitals may be overwhelmed as Covid cases explode and; how each of the two doctors are anguished over their sick patients who just barely survived their bout of Covid attributed, of course, to the magnificent medical team that worked tirelessly to save them.

Dr. Michael Warner and Dr. Abdusharkawy cover themselves in the cloak of righteous indignation and with halos polished and gleaming, they cry danger and want to shut it all down. Help, help. Save the teachers! Save the world! The sky is falling!

It’s just crocodile tears and they are just showboating for the camera.


Here’s a little background:

In a January CBC article, The medical director of critical care at Michael Garron Hospital, Dr. Michael Warner, says ICU doctors across the province have been told to prepare to use critical care triage to determine who will receive life-saving care when ICU resources are limited.

So the question is, who told those ICU doctors to prepare to use critical care triage? The author of the article, Sara Jabakhanji didn’t say. But I’d sure like to know.

I’d also like to know if those doctors considered using Ivermectin to treat those patients or did they just whine and cry while following their bureaucratic masters at the OMA and the OHA instead of following their hippocratic oath. There are enough positive results with Ivermectin around the world that ignoring those results is tantamount to criminal negligence. Turns out these doctors are more interested in bitching and posturing. They’re not really doctors. They just play one on TV.

Next, The National Post (January 21, 2021) reports that some group you have never heard of wants to suspend the need for consent before withdrawing life support when COVID crushes hospitals. That's not too scary is it? Who the hell are these people? Apparently there is an organization called COVID-19 Bioethics Table that made the request to suspend the law so that doctors can pull the plug whenever they want. (These folks obviously flunked the Ethics exam.) The document by this COVID-19 Bioethics Table was prepared on behalf of another unknown organization, Ontario's critical care COVID COMMAND CENTRE. What's that? Dr. James Downar, head of the division of palliative care at the University of Ottawa is a member of this COVID-19 Bioethics Table. The good "Dr. Death" said, "We're talking about a scenario where the focus is no longer on the individual himself, but now on our population as a whole." He clearly believes in the socialist collective rather than the democratic rights of the individual. Keep this guy far away from your loved one or kiss their ass goodbye. 

Ontario has been pushing this narrative for some time now that the hospitals are getting overwhelmed. The problem is the numbers just don't add up. Pre-pandemic, Ontario had about 1,800 critical care beds. The hospitals asked for another 900. Doug Ford gave them another 1,800 for a total of around 3,500 beds. (These numbers are approximates. Don't hang me if the numbers are off by a bit.) Even though the government and their hospital chums claim a pending shortage of beds, their own stats tell a different story. As of January 20, 2021 there were 395 people in ICU in Ontario. Ontario has ICU 3,500 beds. Where's the crisis? There are 296 in the ICU on a ventilator. There are 2,800 ICU beds with ventilators. Where is the crisis? Meanwhile, there are COVID treatments being used successfully around the world but the Canadian or Ontario governments won't even take a look at them. They'd rather just kill granny.   

You should know, THEY'RE LYING TO YOU! There is no crisis in Ontario hospitals. There is no need to kill granny.

They’re good at killing granny, though. They’ve proved that. What they are not good at is managing the pandemic or telling the turth. They’ve proved that too. Wave after wave, governments “following the science” (political science, that is) command lockdown after lockdown with no proof that it works and lots of proof that it does not. Now it’s a so-called “emergency shutdown”. How is that different? Do you prefer jail or prison? We call that a difference without a distinction.


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