You disobey your local health Nazi at your peril!

Once again the lovely and talented Dr. Eileen DeVilla, Toronto's Medical Health Officer, has recommended that Toronto extend it's lockdown two more weeks. She seems to like 2-week extensions. They must seem less draconian to her. And Dr. Lawrence Loh, Peel Region Medical Officer of Health, apparantly Eileen's sub, has of course agreed with his mistress. I assume this is some kind of femdon thing. Two weeks, two weeks, two weeks. The variants are coming. The variants are coming. HIDE!

Why do our mayors or premiers keep taking the advise of these health Nazis? The situation is totally out of control.

When will even terminally nice Canadians rise up and disobey the illegal Government hostage-taking; forcing people to stay trapped in their basement bunkers and don't ask any quetions; wear a mask responding like Pavlov's dogs? If you think that's an exageration, aks yourself why you see both adults and kids on bikes wearing masks or people driving alone in their cars wearing a mask? The psychological conditioning is working. Have you seen people walking toward you from the opposite direction giving you a wide berth? We used to smile and say "Hello". Not any more. Is there a point where Canadians say, "Enough!"?

This next story may not seem real to you, but tragically it is.

It is painful to see that school teachers in Mississauga and Brampton have been ordered to wear goggles and eat alone outside because of increasing transmissions of COVID-19 between staff members. Yeah, let's blame the teachers. Another good reason to not send the kids back to school and teach the kids.

(Nice picture of a teacher eating lunch alone outside)

What a distopian clusterf**k we are living in!

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