For over a year, Canadians have been very accepting of government lockdowns. Maybe too accepting. Their reward for compliance? More lockdowns.

The true north strong and free? I don’t think so. Canada is no longer strong. And it is certainly no longer free.

The population has become a nation of weenies kowtowing to the dictates of unelected bureaucrats colluding with power-hungry deranged and hypocritical politicians who continue to get paid and just don’t give rip about you. Am I overstating this? Doug Ford called his “Ford Nation” voters “yahoos” because they are protesting his lockdowns. Is that rational or has he lost his way? Does he really think Yahoo Nation is going to vote for him again? Bye bye Doug. Enjoy your first and last shot at being Premier. You can go off to your cottage full time.

And free? Are you free to work or walk and talk? Are there never-ending restrictions on your movements? Are we having fun yet? Canadians have become conditioned like Pavlov’s dogs shaking and peeing on the rug at every new command from the masters.

And if you cross the government, you could end up on the no-fly list. Chris Sky, a Toronto anti-lockdown activist, has been placed on Canada’s no-fly list. Why? To prevent him from going to anti-lockdown rallies in other provinces. Who put him on the list? You friendly neighborhood government, that’s who.

Yep. Canada has become a nation of weenies!


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