Here we go again! Will the lockdowns ever end?


This week (week of Feb 15, 2021) The good Dr. Eileen DeVilla, Toronto's professional shaman, cringes as she exclaims "I have never been as worried about the future as I am today," She then says she's not ready to allow Toronto to open. Rather, she wants to extend the lockdown another two weeks, at least. (Note the "at least".) The reason she is so fearful? Well, there are COVID variants among us. EEK!

Mayor Tory demonstrated his decisive leadership by agreeing with her again. There is no politician in Canada who can talk more and say less than John Tory. The motor mouth never has anything to say but the mouth keeps on motoring.

The current lockdown has worked so well they need to extend it. And when that doesn't work, they will again want to extend the lockdown that doesn't work so that the lockdown can continue to not work. How's that for logic?

The last scare tactic (December) turned out to be bogus. This one will too. You remember back in December they said they were fearful that hospitals would be overwhelmed but the numbers revealed the lie. As of January 20, 2021 there were 395 people in ICU in Ontario. Ontario has ICU 3,500 beds. It wasn't even close. Now it's those pesky variants at work. The next lie will be some other phony excuse. Anything to keep tyranical control. They like the power and they like paying themselves while shutting down others. So once again, the numbers belie their scare tactics. It's all bulls**t.

Don't expect the lockdowns to end anytime soon.


Let's try a little Occam’s razor here. The simplest answer is they love their power and power corrupts. Want proof?

There is no science behind the decision by Eileen DeVilla and John Tory to send 100 cops to arrest one guy at his restaurant. (Correction 2/22/21: they sent 253 cops. And, you're gonna love this. They sent Adam Skelly, the man they arrested, a bill of $187,000 for the operation.) These despicable, low-life tyrants exercised their vindictive abuse of power towards one who dared to challenge their authority. There is no science behind shutting down a toy store in Bolton while allowing the sale of toys at Walmart. There is only vindictive abuse of power towards one who dares to challenge their authority. These bureaucrats seem to think it's OK to stop someone from feeding their family while feeding at the public trough. Take away their income and watch how soon they change their tune. But they don’t have to change their tune because they control the music.

Want more proof of their corruption and vindictive targeting? When Ontario MPP Roman Baber introduced a bill in the Ontario parliament this week to reduce MPP salaries to $500 a week, the amount given to Canadians under the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB), his bill was defeated. What did Doug Ford’s government do instead? Progressive Conservative group government leader Paul Calandra, put forward a motion to reduce just Baber’s salary to the $500 a week level instead. The proposal to target only the anti-lockdown member of the Ontario parliament passed with the unanimous consent. This is so evil its hard to comprehend.

The deceit and abuse of power extends across Canada. A Calgary salon owner agreed to a request from a person who pleaded for a haircut. He agreed to cut her hair. She then identified herself as a health inspector and gave him a fine of $1,000. If that kind of despicable behavior doesn't get your blood boiling, you are as evil as that health inspector and the people who hired her to do their dirty work. Their behavior is truly the lowest of the low. That's your government at work.


Meanwhile, a dangerous consequence of lockdown indocrination is that people start to attack or rat out other people. There is a class of people who are so weak that they "go along to get along" and they are willing to chastise and report people who try to open their business or fail to wear a mask (Horrors!) Welcome to 1984 in 2021.


So hey! Toronto, hey! Ontario, hey! Canada. You can put a stop to their wicked ways by NOT going along with the program. Open your stores. Take off your masks. Get your kids back into real school. And tell your government to take a hike. Organize at every level and defy the evil, unconstitutional conduct of all governments, local, provincial and federal. The world will survive. The world will be a better place when you control the music.

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