The Thin Blue Line creates a thick divide between law enforcement and citizens. Why would you want to do that? If you want to create a conflict, just tell someone that Blue Lives Matter. It obviously means that the rest of us don’t matter quite so much. There should be no “line” between the people and those who have been hired to serve them. But, there is a line and it creates a real problem that has allowed cops to abuse their power  - before and after Covid.

The cops play tough and bully people hiding behind their badge and gun but they don't have the balls to stand up to their masters and actually enforce the law or follow the constitution.



The Covid-19 panic led governments around the world to enact emergency orders. Those orders in Canada and the USA are unconstitutional. When Covid hit, governments panicked. They brought their countries to a standstill. Citizens, buying into the panic, complied. After all, it was just “two weeks to flatten the curve”. Remember that? Talk about “THE BIG LIE”. That was a whopper!

Government bureaucrats went along with the program. After all, they were still getting paid so to hell with everyone else. Cops went along with the program, big time. They became the enforcers and, to no one’s surprise, they relished the role. They took advantage of the opportunity to further abuse their power.

The police abuse of power around the world was, and is, absolutely stunning in its breadth and scope!


“ You’re my first asshole today.” said the cop.

Early last year, when asked by a citizen how many covid tickets a cop had handed out, an RCMP officer in Nova Scotia responded, “ You’re my first asshole today.” He gave the senior citizen a covid ticket in retaliation because the citizen dared to question him. The senior had just picked up his coffee and muffin at a Tim Hortons donut shop. He was told by the cop not to come back. It was unreasonable, unjustified and unlawful. 


May 23, 2021: A news reporter in Hamilton, Ontario was ticketed $1,440 for shaking hands with one of the protesters.

Every Sunday at Hamilton’s City Hall there is a freedom rally to stand up against the draconian lockdown restrictions and every Sunday bylaw officers are there to ticket protesters. Police officers have removed their name tags. Cowardly curs. It was unreasonable, unjustified and unlawful. 

In another instance, Paul VandeGraffe, Chief of Cobourg, Ontario police said, of ticketing people week after week “the emotional toll on the officers is pretty significant.” The poor darlings are feeling bad about breaking the law. But I guess the chief is OK with breaking the law and wants them to keep it up.


St-Pierre-Jolys, Manitoba:  RCMP has confirmed that Maxime Bernier, the leader of the People's Party of Canada, has been arrested for violating public health orders by holding rallies against the lockdowns. It was unreasonable, unjustified and unlawful. 


Covid fines surge in England and Wales as police adopt a hardline approach. Police hand out 40% of all fines issued since start of pandemic in four weeks to mid-February. It was unreasonable, unjustified and unlawful. 


November, 2020: More than 150 people have been arrested as anti-lockdown protesters clashed with police in central London. It was unreasonable, unjustified and unlawful. 


September, 2020: A brutal fight between Victorian police and anti-lockdown protesters has erupted over Melbourne’s lockdown laws, with 15 arrested and 100 others fined.

The brutality was by the police attacking the protesters. The Melbourne, Australia police have been particularly brutal. It was unreasonable, unjustified and unlawful. 


New questions emerge over how police in New York City are enforcing social distancing after police data reveals a racial disparity in COVID-19 arrests. 

One cop in NYC goes over and above and attacks a citizen over Covid. Across the country, cops brook no opposition to their brutal authority. It was unreasonable, unjustified and unlawful. 



Covid is just an excuse of course. Pre-pandemic, there are thousands (not hundreds but thousands) of videos of cops abusing their authority in the United States and Canada.

These cops are bad actors. The problem  is getting worse. Cops who are sworn to serve and protect are doing neither. They are taking unconstitutional actions against the people they are supposed to serve.

In Canada, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms gives people the right to free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly and the right to make a living. The Charter also gives governments the power to override those freedoms through Section 1 (rights are “subject to such reasonable limits ...”) and Section 33, the Notwithstanding clause. No emergency order has invoked either Section 1 or Section 33 of the Charter. Therefore, any police action that restricts religious services, shuts down free speech and assembly is both illegal and unconstitutional. 

The American constitution has no such abridgements of freedoms. That didn’t stop many States from effectively suspending constitutional rights. The Governors of California and NY shut down church services. What part of “Congress shall make no law” do they not understand? Because of the arrogance of power these Governors, sick with power,  sic the cops on people and the cops do their bidding without question.

The Governor of NY killed thousands in long-term care homes. His ego is so huge he has blamed everybody else. The Governor of NJ, vindictively attacked a gym owner, fined him over $250,000 and then stole his equipment. The Governor of MIchigan pulled the licence of a 77 year-old barber to prevent him from making a living. She apparently doesn’t believe in “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. Except for herself, of course. While telling the people of MIchigan to stay home, she took a private plane to Florida. The cost of the trip was $27,000. That’s typical of arrogant bureaucrats. The Governor of California dined at an exclusive restaurant with, of all people, the California medical association execs. No social distancing or masks. That for the “little people”.

Cops have been bad actors for years. It’s not new. What is new is the cell phone camera. What is new is a pandemic that governments have used to attack their citizens, break the law and trample on constitutional rights. It is not just a few bad apples. It is embedded in the culture of entitled cops and the bureaucrats who support their bad behavior. Somehow, the words bad behavior are not strong enough. Criminal conspiracy is more like it. People have been pissed off at the cops for years, and with good cause. They have been pissed off at their elected officials, and with good cause. Despite the goods works of most police, they are allowing a too-large minority to drive the negative narrative.

Things are changing slowly in some places. The US Supreme Court has finally ruled that restricting church service is unconstitutional. A state judge in Kentucky has rules that the Governor’s emergency orders are unconstitutional. Derrick Chauvin will be punished.


How long can this last and how much will people take before they take matters into their own hands and put a stop to the abuse? To reference the US Declaration of Independence, when a “long train of abuses and usurpations” are inflicted by the Government on its people, “it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government”. From the Magna Carta to the Declaration of Independence, people have forced Governments to behave themselves when they have gotten out of hand and abused their power. It has been a slow-burning fuse to be sure. But the fuse was lit and, at times, exploded.

Pre-pandemic, governments failed to reign in police abuse. The little abuse of freedoms - the stop and frisk for no reason, the harassment of people, black and white, the demand to see your ID “because I said so”, the unconstitutional demand to “take a seat” and the unlawful bullying if you don’t obey - these little abridgements of freedom that are tolerated by police supervisors and city councils everywhere lead to bigger abuses like the killing of George Floyd or breaking the arm of a 73 year-old woman with dementia followed by laughter at the police station. Cowardly cops who shoot first and ask questions later are supported by their superiors and permitted to literally get away with murder. I don’t think the killing of George Floyd was motivated by race. It was motivated by arrogance, the arrogance of the badge and gun, the arrogance of police management and city officials who don’t care. Derrick Chauvin got caught. Many do not. There is no penalty when large settlements are paid. It’s not their money. It’s yours. Who do you think is going to pay the $27 Million George Floyd settlement? You do. The city doesn’t care and Benjamin Crump gets a fat paycheck. They win. You lose.

Politicians and bureaucrats allow the expression of “the thin blue line”. They allow police to wear their abuse as a badge of honor. It is a shameful act of government abuse of the people they serve and it cannot stand. Post-pandemic, the abuses have accelerated.

Inertia is a terrible thing sometimes. IsaacNewton was right. It takes more effort to get things moving than to keep them moving. However, there are those who will not allow the status quo to stand. Before good people rise up in righteous rebellion, we can only hope that saner heads in government will recognize that the fuse has been lit.