FUBAR became a popular acronym in World War II. Fighting a war is always messy and full of surprises. But sometimes things would get really messed up. They gave it the title, FUBAR. F**ked Up Beyond All Recognition.

FUBAR is alive and well today. Governors have become tyrannical dictators. The police have become their “brownshirts”. 244 years of democracy have been wiped out in a matter of months. If that isn’t FUBAR I don’t know what is! Governments panicked over the pandemic, shut everything down and arrested people or hounded them into compliance. The NIH, CDC and FDA lied to us. They even deliberately refused to consider potential low cost treatments such as Ivermectin so that BIg Pharma could make money. The medical community has become hippocratic hypocrites going along with the criminal negligence of governments. Thousands of people in America died as a result. What’s happening in America is happening around the world. Democracies have become dictatorships. Millions around the world could have been saved. Congress was too fixated on impeaching Trump to notice the pandemic. Trump Derangement Syndrome was in full flower. FUBAR!

Meanwhile, George Floyd is killed by a brutal cop and all hell breaks loose around the country and around the world. BLM, Antifa and woke activists woke up and went crazy. Liberal local city councils, mayors and DA’s added to the craziness. Defund the police became the mantra of the collective looney left. BLM and woke democrats focus on the 25 blacks killed by cops versus the 7,000 blacks killed by other blacks. The priorities are all wrong - on purpose. FUBAR! It has become a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.

In addition to businesses being closed, schools have been closed and teachers have been directed by their unions to hold out for more money using every excuse in the book to not do their jobs. Add Critical Race Theory to the mix and you’ve got the makings of a real revolt by angry moms who are also waking up. The head of the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten, boasts of a legal war chest to push CRT (what she calls “honest history” and fight the moms. My money is on the moms. The NEA says they will teach CRT regardless of the law. The Zinn Education Project wants teachers to defy the law. (The Zinn Education Project is where teachers go to get their kooky ideas. Google them and cringe.) But these crazies have met their match. They don’t know the power of a pissed-off parent. It’s time to send these teachers and school board flunkies home, create alternate schools, take kids out of toxic public and private schools and use your tax money to set up new schools that teach kids how to read, write, do math and science. That’s what the parents want. 

Today’s woke military starting at the top, with Secretary of Defense Gen, Lloyd Austin and Gen Mark Millie, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are weaseling their way through congressional testimony  while teaching CRT and splitting their forces. They are cowards and liars. No wonder we can’t win a war. Weasels are not winners. FUBAR!



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