Welcome to the North American Holocaust


In both Canada and the USA, first they shut down your job and confined you to your home. After all, who needs to pay the rent? You were arrested, ticketed and harassed if you resisted. How dare you? Who do you think you are? A free citizen?  If you haven’t guessed yet, it was definitely NOT about COVID-19. It is all about control. And it is all backed up with enforcement by the New-Nazi "brown shirts" disguised as police. You might want to ask who these cops are serving and protecting. It’s not you!

Now that some people are vaccinated and some are not, it becomes necessary to identify who’s who so that big brother can appropriately categorize folks as a good person or a bad person. Or, according to Joe Biden, who is not as smart as he thought they were.

Think it’s not happening? Think again. Vancouver Airport started segregating arriving travelers based on vaccination status. Toronto did the same thing then they both took the signs down. But it's not over. Winnipeg Blue Bombers will only allow vaccinated people into the stands. How will they know? Patrick Allard, wanted to protest. He sent out a note on facebook and he was arrested. The premier of Manitoba, now arrogantly calls going to the movies or games "Special Privileges". The Canadian Museum of Human Rights will open only to people who have been vaccined. (So much for human rights. No irony here!) How will the know? The VA now requires that all employees must be vaccinated with an experimental, emergency use test product regardless of their health status. The rest of the federal govenment now has to either show that they are vaccinated or subject themselves to harassment testing. That's just the start. It's going to spread. They're going to gradually turn the heat up. The frog in the pot won't feel a thing until it's too late. Step-by-step, your kids and you are next.

The world has done this before but we seem to have learned nothing! Are we really going to label people again? It didn’t end well last time.




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