It's time for the truth. Not your truth or my truth or someone else's truth. Just THE truth.


4. The 2020 Election

Establishment Republicans are so remarkably stupid.

By not supporting Trump, never-Trumpers think they’ve won but, look what they’ve won? A radical kabal of lunatic leftists bent on changing America. The fair weather Trumpers are just as stupid. Lindsey Graham said, in December, that Trump should give up. That he lost the election. How well did that statement play in Georgia before the Senate run-off election? In January, Mitch McConnell said Trump caused the riot in the capital. Proof that Mitch was never really on board with Trump’s vision to revitalize America. These hybrid never/pro Trumper were OK with the “managed decline” of America. The “gang of eight” crafted an amnesty plan in 2013 that the CBO reported would “slightly” reduce wages of the American worker. If you are a Senator and you are supposed to work for the betterment of the American people, why would you “plan” for the decline of the American worker? They have been exposed as an entrenched part of Permanent Washington. It is the exact opposite of Trump’s vision to Make America Great Again. It’s why they are so anti-Trump. The result of their half-assed effort? Joe Biden. Are we having fun yet?

Bye bye democracy! Elections do have consequences and you are witnessing the consequences right now. 

Defund the police.

  • Get rid of the filibuster.
  • Pack the Supreme Court.

    Make DC and Puerto Rico states

    Open the southern border.

    America The Wimp foreign policy.

    Step-by-step take your guns.


    Spend, spend spend.

From open borders to changing the filibuster to packing the court, Democrats have moved so far left that they are going to change the very nature and character of America.

Geraldo Rivera, self-describing himself as a good friend of Donald Trump, said Trump lost the election and should give it up. What’s that old phrase? With friends like these, who needs enemies? Thanks friend.


Donald Trump won the 2020 election. The Democrats stole it. It was brazen. And it seems to have worked. Time Magazine says the Democrats ``fortified” the election. I watched 32 hours of testimony in 4 states that proved the elections were stolen. I watched as courts, including the Supreme Court, looked the other way. So if you don’t want to lose the America that the founding fathers created and patriots fought for, you will get off your collective ass and do something. Start by supporting the efforts of the Republican Senate in Arizona who are fighting to conduct a proper forensic audit of the election in their State. Republicans in the other swing states better do the same. Don’t let the 2020 election stand without a fight to the finish or you will regret the results. The founding fathers pledged their life, their fortune and, most importantly, their sacred honour. It was this latter pledge that made the difference between success and failure. It was their “last full measure”.

It’s time to stand and deliver. The Democrats are playing for keeps. Will you? The Democrats have been willing to lie, cheat and steal to get what they want. They did it  and, it seems, they have gotten away with. Are you going to roll over and play dead or will you get up and fight? Will you allow under-the-table ballots in Georgia. Will you allow the Democrats to throw Republicans out of the counting room in Pennsylvania? Are you willing to give your last full measure? How hard are you prepared to fight to ensure free and fair elections?

If you won’t fight for the 2020 election, which one will you fight for? And will it be too late? Biden, Harris and crew are going full steam ahead to change the number of States, the number of Supreme Court Justices, and who controls the vote. They cheated in 2020 and it worked. You think they won’t do it again?


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