It's time for the truth. Not your truth or my truth or someone else's truth. Just THE truth.


6. Black Lives Matter

It should really be black lies matter. Cops are not shooting black people at extraordinary rates. The people who profit from racial division just want to promote their false narrative for personal profit. The total number of blacks killed by police in 2019 was 241. The number of unarmed blacks shot by police in 2019 was 14. The number of unarmed whites shot by police in 2019 was 25. Maybe they were trying to be “less white”. The number of blacks killing blacks in 2016 was 3,156.

All the rioting, all the buring, all the looting, all the “reparations” are over 14 shootings. Fourteen! Have black people lost their minds or are there agitators afoot? Are there race mongers at work?


Let’s look at some facts from DOJ and FBI stats.

People Arrested from 2019:

Total: 10 Million

White: 7 Million

Black: 3 Million (30% of arrests. 13% of the population)

Violent Crimes from 2016:

Total: 11,790

White: 5,279

Black: 6210 (52% of murders and manslaughters. 13 % of the population)

Murder from 2016 (FBI Stats)

Total: 6,676

White: 3,996

Black: 3,156 (47% of murders. 13 of the population)

Black on Black murders: 2,570 (81% of all black murders)

Robberies from 2016:

Total: 95,750

White: 41,550

Black: 52,180 (54% of robberies. 13% of the population)

Weapons (carrying, possessing):

Total: 156,780

White: 87,660

Black: 65,540 (41% of Weapons offences. 13% of the population)

From the Washington Post, 2019, unarmed people killed by police:

White: 25

Black: 14

In 2020: 432 whites were killed by cops compared to 226 blacks and 158 hispanics. In 2019 it was 370 Whites, 235 blacks and 156 hispanics. In 2016 the FBI reported that 2,870 black people were murdered. 2,570 black people were murdered by black people while 243 were killed by either white or hispanic people. If 200 black people are killed by cops versus 2,500 killed by other black people, isn't the 2,500 more important to focus on than the 200? Or the 14?

BLM says America is racist. They’re right. These black Americans are racist as hell. They claim to be communists. They’re right. Typical of real communism, the people who claim to lead, collect money on their lies and spend it on themselves. Patrice Cullors is just another commie hypocrite on a $3 million real estate buying binge. Clearly, she doesn’t believe her own BS. In fact, she said, “BLM is not a charity” and that people in the community with financial needs should pressure the government for reparations for slavery.” Clearly, Patrice Cullors is just trading on the tragedy of others to enrich herself. And that is the reality of communists. It is the history of communism.

Look around the world historically. From the Soviet Union to China to Cuba, the fat cats with the guns cut a fat hog while repressing their citizens who don’t have guns. You don’t even have to be a commie to do this. Look at Al Sharpton, another racist shill. “Step right up folks. For a small donation, you get a chance to win a black kewpie doll”.


In a statement straight outta Comedy Central, Patrice Cullors defended her self-enrichment by claiming that she lives her life “in direct support to black people''. I think she stole the line from the movie “Lawrence of Arabia''. Remember Auda of the Howitat? “I am a river to my people''. When Patrice buys a few houses, she is only thinking of you. I don’t care what colour you are. If you buy that line, you are not playing with a full deck. It’s really sad that black people and woke corporations support her racist profiteering scam.

Then there is Benjamin Crump. He can’t wait to hop on a plane to insert himself in every event where he can proclaim black victimhood, seek to gain a client and a fee. He and Al Sharpton are both racist shills trying to profit from tragedy. Sharpton jumps on his private jet to get to the next event. It really is reprehensible low-life behavior. 

Let’s add “Auntie Maxine” to the list of dangerous black bigots. She goes to (not-her-state) Minneapolis MN. The city is already on edge, and she breaks curfew to incite violence. How else would you characterize a call for people to get “more confrontational” in a city that has already suffered rioting, looting, burning and death? What does “more” mean in Minneapolis?

Recently, 7-year-old Jaslyn Adams was shot dead in a McDonalds drive through in Chicago. So far, two men have been arrested. They are looking for a third. Jaslyn is black. The two alleged shooters are black. I haven't seen Maxine Waters, Benjamin Crump or Al Sharpton show up to protest the killing. No one from BLM has raged at the murder. I thought black lives mattered. No rioting or demands for reparations. I wonder why?

Maybe Auntie Maxine should be more concerned about the 2,500 black on black deaths per year rather than the 14 deaths by cops of unarmed blacks. 2,500 is a bigger number and a more serious problem than the 14. But you don’t hear Maxine talking about that. Maybe she should spend a little more time in her own district where shootings are up 100%. People like Auntie Maxine, Patrice Cullors, Benjamin Crump, Al Sharpton, et al are racist shills. They don’t care. They just want to play big jock on campus and raise money for themselves. It doesn’t matter who gets hurt.

And where are Benjamin Crump, Al Sharpton, Maxine and friends when a non-black, Mario Gonzales is killed by police in Alameda County, CA in a George Floyd style incident a few days ago. Did Patrice Cullors show up? Al Sharpton isn’t flying out in his private jet to support Mario Gonzales. I don’t see Ben on the scene. Is that because Mario Gonzales is not black? Is that because only black lives matter? Screw everyone else? These activists are race hustlers who cry racism just to make money for themselves. They are frauds!

4/21/21: Columbus Ohio, Today, 16-year old Ma'Khia Bryan was shot by a cop. She was trying to stab someone with a knife when she was shot. LeBron James immediately tweeted a picture of the office with the caption, “Your next.” That kind of irresponsible call to violence is unacceptable. At first I thought it might have just been a knee-jerk reaction. But, upon reflection, I have concluded that it is just the reaction of a jerk.

How can a guy who has made millions in the capitalist system promote a communist organization like BLM? LeBron James is a great basketball player. He’s just not a great human being.

Finally, here's a question BLM and the race hustlers can’t answer. If the United States is such a vile racist place, why do millions of people from around the world clamber to come to this horrible country every year? We allow one million people a year to immigrate legally, more than any other country in the world. Why don’t they want to go to Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Cuba or Iran or any other country?

The reality is BLM is a lie. The race hustlers are fraudsters.The truth is they make money peddling the lies.


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