It's time for the truth. Not your truth or my truth or someone else's truth. Just THE truth.


11. Thin Blue Line (Blue Lives Matter)

Here is the good, the bad and the ugly about the police.That is THE truth.

My cousin, a former police captain, told me the most dangerous moment in a cop’s life is when he or she stops a car. You don’t know if you have stopped Charles Manson or Ed Everbusy and the family. It’s a tough job. It can be dangerous. It can be deadly. It can be 99% boredom followed by 1% terror. But, police are supposed to be trained for this so, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. There is no excuse for behaving badly. It is never acceptable to abuse your police power, hurt people and deprive people of their civil rights.


Witness this intolerable abuse.

As long as this behavior by police continues, (excessive, brutal, and gratuitous use of power) people will, rightly, want to defund the police or kill the bastards. This cop is as depraved as Derek Chauvin.

This video shows the arrogance of an entitled cop. He behaves the way he does because he knows he can get away with it. He knows his superiors and the police union will back up this “minor infringement” of the citizen’s right. But in reality his confrontation is a disgusting abuse of his police power that should not be tolerated. Minor infringements lead to major abuses and the disconnect between police and the people. Bullies and tyrants like this need to be fired. Nothing else will solve the problem.


Defund the police is one of the great stupid ideas of the looney left. Police are needed to catch and control the bad guys. The problem is, the police have lost control of themselves. Even before the pandemic, they were out of control. The three video links below will demonstrate the truly outrageous behavior of cops. It's why no one trusts the police. It is why no one should trust the police.

Deputy goes from 0 to 100 real quick.

This is total abuse of police authority used to harass a citizen who has committed no crime.

Here are several instances of police intimidation and abuse of power.

This is egregious criminal behavior by the FBI.

VIDEO: Hartford police sergeant arrested for allegedly punching arrested woman in the face.

This is a case of the Hartford police union shamefully standing up for their sergeant and backing his claim that, despite having four other officers in the room, two holding the woman, “officers need to act quickly to keep the situation from getting out of control”.. His statement is a ludicrous lie. He said, “fearing that I was about to be attacked by Jenkins, I executed a hard hand control.” That’s what he calls a punch in the face. It’s clear he is just pissed off that she spit at him and he retaliated brutally. Apparently, that’s OK with the Hartford police union. As long as police unions back this sort of behavior, things won’t change. It shows that the system is rotten to the core. It’s more than “a few bad apples.” The whole barrel is rotten and needs to be discarded for a fresh barrel.

What you are seeing in each of these videos, is dirty cops being supported by dirty supervisors and dirty police unions, in organizations run by dirty managers. The result is a dirty system. 

If a cop stops you and says, “l have a right to detain you because you are suspicious”, that is a lie. The Supreme Court has ruled that cops can lie. What they can’t do is infringe on your constitutional rights. The cops do not have a right to illegally detain you. They can lie and say they do have a right but they cannot actually do it legally. The problem is that the police are allowed to infringe on your rights “a little bit”. They are allowed to be “a little bit” dirty. I compare it to pregnancy. You can’t be a little bit pregnant. And the cops should not be allowed to infringe on your rights even “a little bit”. There should be zero tolerance for this behavior. You cannot be allowed to steal “a little bit” of money from the bank. 

The penalty for breach of your rights, major or minor, should be harsh and significant enough to ensure the cops absolutely will not infringe on your rights. Let’s not blame “lack of training”. That’s a BS rationalization of the indefensible. Minor slaps on the wrist such as suspension with pay or loss of pay for a day or a week just perpetuate the bad behavior. The minimum penalty should be firing. The maximum should be serious jail time. The penalties I am suggesting may seem “a little bit” excessive but they are not. Why should anyone have a right to infringe on your “unalienable” rights? Especially people who have been given authority and weapons to back up that authority. Shouldn’t they be held to the highest standards of accountability? Should their managers be held to that highest standard? If you are going to end the abuse, the penalties must be severe. It’s the only way to end the abuse and restore trust of the police.

The bad behavior of cops in the George Floyd case has been overshadowed by the bad behavior of the victim/industrial complex and anarchists who have swept in to foment trouble at every turn. I will discuss those bad actors separately from this discussion of  the police bad actors but I think it is fair to say two wrongs don’t make a right.

Police immunity leads to police impunity. That is because power currupts. Police management could change that equation by holding their cops to account - to a higher standard - but they don’t and they won’t unless they are forced to. So the status quo remains. Cops will continue to be dirty. Management will continue their blind support of their cops right or wrong. People will continue to sue. Cities will continue to settle with your money. Your money! It really costs city officials nothing. Direct citizen action is the only path to change.

To paraphrase my cousin, the most dangerous time in a citizen’s life is when they have been stopped by the cops. You don’t know if it’s the local psycho or the local saint. Until things change, until you know for sure, you can’t trust the police. It’s unfortunate but, never talk to cops!

Blue lives don’t matter more than citizens lives.


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