It's time for the truth. Not your truth or my truth or someone else's truth. Just THE truth.


14. Cancel Culture

Isn't it time to cancel Cancel Culture? It's divisive, corrosive and mean spirited.

David Shor, a data scientist and Democratic operative, a college Marxist who worked on the Obama 2012 campaign, made the egregious error of using science and facts to state that riots don’t work as well as nonviolent protests to achieve change. For that he was fired. He did make one mistake. He apologized.

It is clear that Big Tech has landed on the left of every issue. With their power, acquired through the democratic process, the tech oligarchy has decided to weigh in and put their foot on the scale of politics and justice. Their “platform privileges” should be cancelled. They are not platforms. They are publishers. They need to be held to account. If Mark Zuckerberg, one person, can decide to cancel Donald Trump, the 45th President, something is very wrong. Facebook has become a major medium and, private company or not, it has a responsibilty to behave like a (small d) democrat in the world's freest democracy. Freedom of speech should be sacrosanct and obvious.

G. K. Chesterton said, “There is a thought that stops all thought and that is the only thought that ought to be stopped.” Cancel culture needs to stop. (From “Orthodoxy”)



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