It's time for the truth. Not your truth or my truth or someone else's truth. Just THE truth.


1. Coronavirus

This didn’t have to happen the way it happened. "Two weeks to flatten the curve." Remember that?

Governments around the English-speaking world suspended their constitutions starting in March 2020 in response to the global pandemic. Their actions are illegal and they are using their police to enforce their illegal action. Every public health official, police official and government official, elected or not, is personally responsible for their complicity in enforcing illegal orders.

Yes, there is a virus. Yes, it is dangerous. Yes, it kills old, sick people. Everything else you have heard is fabricated nonsense. Lies. There is no science here, only political science. Those who don’t agree with the government and public health mandarins are vilified or worse. Here's the CDC's death rate stats.


CDC: 99.98% infection survival rate

Age Infection Fatality Rate
0 - 19 0.00003%
20 - 49 0.002%
50 - 69 0.005%
Age 70+ 0.054%


Based on the CDC stats, with anyone under 50, there is no danger from the virus. You get the virus. You recover. Let's keep granny safe and let the rest take care of itself. There was no need to lock down businesses. There was no need to lock down schools. Wearing masks may or may not work. There is no evidence, no science for or against masks. Where's the vaunted double-blind study the science crowd likes to see? Whatever the science may be, government officials have lied to you so often about so much that only the village idiot would believe them. Remember "America's Doctor" the infallible Dr. Fauci? First, don't wear a mask, then wear a mask, then wear two masks, three is better. Really? In February, 2020  the fabulous Fauci proclaimed “Don’t worry about it. Be more worried about influenza”. Has anyone been so wrong so often? Is this what passes for science these days? In a demonstration of theatre worthy of a Tony award, Dr. Fauci now wears two masks even though he has been vaccinated. And don't you just love how nobody's mask seems to fit? How many times do you see the ridiculous image of political figures and other government folks wearing their mask below their nose and constantly lifting it up over and over again. How stupid is that?

Speaking of stupid, the Fabulous Fauci says "It’s still not ok for vaccinated Americans to eat and drink indoors." Is Fauci stupid for being so wrong so often or are we stupid for accepting his pronouncements? His advice has been as far off the plate as his pitch at last year’s Nationals baseball game.

Teresa Tam is Canada’s chief public health office. The CBC recently reported, “The stringent public health measures implemented in some provinces have slowed the rapid spread of COVID-19, according to new modelling data from the Public Health Agency of Canada.” Anyone who believes her is hopelessly deluded.

Compare lockdown versus not lockdown results.

The UK is locked down. Sweden is open. The trajectory of the virus is the same.

North Dakota is locked down, South Dakota is open. The trajectory of the virus is the same.

California is locked down. Florida is open. The trajectory of the virus is the same.

I suggest you go to a website, to get a dose of truth from experts in their fields. Panda - Pandemics Data and Analytics: PANDA aims to promote open science, human agency and courageous societies, empowering the public with accurate information thereby enabling individuals to exercise freedom of choice and preserve human liberties and free societies.

The draconian tyranny of governments everywhere have demonstrated the truth of two statements:

  1. "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Sir John Dalberg-Acton
  2. "Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the boisterous sea of liberty." Thomas Jefferson

We are seeing both of these two statements play out in full.

It's amazing to me that, in such short order, the great democracies of the world gave up democracy in favor of "Father Fauci knows best". The United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia have all violated their constitutional and legal guarantees of individual freedoms and rights. And surprisingly the people of all these countries have accepted their lot without a whimper. Anyone who has dared question or challenge the illegal actions of governments has been dealt with in the harshest possible terms. There are so many examples it's hard to choose from such an extensive list.

How about this one example from Alberta, Canada? It embodies the violation of so many rights. Pastor James Coates has been in jail for a month for a non-jailable offense. His crime was preaching to a full congregation which is his constitutional right to do and his refusal to knuckle under and crawl. In addition to jailing him, when he makes a deal with the devil (the prosecution) to pay $100 for a "Get Out of Jail'' card, a judge rejects the deal. The judge, in his infinite wisdom based on his extensive experience on the bench (all of 6 months), ups the fine to $1,500. That's what passes for impartial justice now. Screw the constitution. This judge is corrupt. If you can’t get justice in court maybe it’s time to start a new government. The government is prepared to break the law.  They will show you who’s the boss here. The government is the boss and you will not dare to defy us. In Pastor Coats’ case, the government confiscated his land and his church. That is a brutal, vindictive government response. It is an illegal power play because it violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Today, that violation is a given and nobody objects. (Thanks to Rebel News for keeping track of this story.)

OK. One more example of the insanity. It's May, 2021 and Mayor Muriel Bowser has just banned dancing and standing at weddings. Who appointed her queen of DC?

Governments of all stripes have adopted the "I'll fix your little red wagon" approach to governance for anyone who dares defy their unlawful orders.  They are backing up their tyranny with force and with the complicity of the police who are doing their bidding. A  salon owner in Texas is put in jail. A barber In Michigan dared to open and the Governor had his licence pulled. In Toronto, Canada the public health authority commandeered 250 cops (some on horses in riot gear) to arrest one restaurant owner. Oh, and they then sent him a bill for $187,000 to cover the cost. It's truly scary! What's even more scary is the speed with which people have become "timid men''. Covid Karens report their fellow citizens for not wearing a mask or having too many people in their home for Thanksgiving. How dare you give thanks! People move away from you in fear as you walk toward them on the sidewalk. We used to smile and say hello. People drive alone in their cars wearing a mask. This is not rational behavior. The sudden Pavlovian breakdown of society is truly stunning. People and puppies get scared, start to tremble and pee on the rug. If you don’t agree with Doug Ford, Ontario Premier, he calls you a Yahoo. Is that how you get votes in the next election? If you don’t want a mask mandate, you are a neanderthal according to Joe Biden. It seems that the new normal is to trash your constituents.

This kind of government tyranny led to the American Revolution and will lead to another. Today's "long train of abuses and usurpations" by governments at all levels will backfire on them. Those "timid men" will eventually punch the bully in the nose. The sooner the better.

How Many People Have To Die?

The Great Treatment Scam

There are treatments that have been proven to work against Covid-19. Hydroxichloroquine and Ivermectin are two treatments where there is enough evidence to get them into use. But the NIH and the FDA are in collusion with Big Pharma. Big Pharma spends money "lobbying", the government awards Big Pharma billions in research contracts. It's a nice corrupt symbiotic relationship. The Faucis of the world benefit. Hydroxichloroquine and Ivermectin are low-cost drugs with practically no side-effects that have been shown to reduce the number of deaths. But Big Pharma wants to sell the government expensive solutions. For example, Remdesivir costs about $3,500 for a treatment compared to a few dollars for Ivermectin. So the NIH and FDA recommend against their use. They say double-blind studies are needed to prove their efficacy. Yet no such studies were needed for Penicillin. It was discovered in 1928 and has been in use saving lives since. The government and big Pharma are willing to let people die to protect their business.

More recently, Leronlimab, a ccr5 receptor antagonist, have been shown to be effective at saving lives of people in critical condition.

But it gets worse. Doctors and nurses are threatened with loss of jobs and licences if they even mention the word Hydroxychloroquine. Big Pharma and permanent Washington play a mean dirty game. They don't care if people die. It’s truly immoral and shameful. In Ontario, Canada there is actually a group called COVID-19 Bioethics Table who are making the recommendation to suspend the need for consent before withdrawing life support when COVID crushes hospitals. In Ontario, where 75% of Covid deaths are in long term care facilities, bureaucrats want the right to kill granny, no questions asked.

Over 500,000 deaths in the USA. over 20,000 deaths in Canada. Many of those could have been prevented if Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin or Leronlimab had been used. What’s the worst that could happen? The person who died may have died from the drug instead of the virus. (Not likely given the safety profile of the established drugs but possible.) The best that could happen is that the drugs work and the person lives. I like that option best. The only downside is to Big Pharma. They make less money. The Dr. Faucis of the world get what they want. They get to be a star and throw out the first pitch at the Nationals baseball game. His laughable horribly-off-the-mark pitch is a metaphor for how far off he has been at every turn on this pandemic. It would be laughable if it weren’t so tragic.

"Practice two things in your dealings with disease: either help or do no harm to the patient". That is essentially the hippocratic oath. I asked my doctor to give me a prescription for Ivermectin. I wanted to take it prophylactically. She refused. Her fear of reprisal from the medical bureaucracy overpowered her oath to do no harm. If I had contracted Covid-19 and died, she would have been complicit in my death by not considering all options whether or not approved by a medical association or the NIH or the CDC . She would have broken her sacred oath as a doctor. Her fear is real. The Ontario Medical Association has threatened doctors from discussing Hydroxychloroquine and they would have no problem pulling my doctor’s licence. That’s what happens when doctors morph into bureaucrats. The scientific and medical communities are truly broken.

Governments and the medical community are guilty of letting people die and attacking people who are trying to help. Deaths are reaching haulocaust levels and they don’t care. They are pretending they don’t know and looking the other way. Sound familiar?

My recommendation is, don’t take this lying down or you'll never get up again. Covid is being used as an excuse to take away your freedoms and to fundamentally change democracy forever. Fight for your life, liberty and your pursuit of happiness.


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