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7. Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory posits that all white people are racists and no matter how hard you try you can never not be a racist. Somehow this insane view of the world seems to have taken hold and spread. It has infected schools, corporations and major league sports. The Democratic party has swallowed it, hook line and sinker. Critical race theory is a toxic brew of identity politics with categories of oppressed and oppressor. All institutions are racist. Math is racist. Black people shouldn’t have to take responsibility for themselves because, whatever their condition, white people are the problem and government programs are the solution. For decades, some major cities (think Chicago) have had majority black and/or Democratic governments. They have solved no problems. They have only made things worse. Kids are failing in school and cities are crumbling. No amount of money can satisfy their thirst for entitlements.

Mandatory Critical Race Theory 'Anti-Racism' Training at Princeton Theological Seminary

March, 2021

YAF, Young America’s Foundation, has obtained exclusive footage of a mandatory 'anti-racism' training for all students and faculty at Princeton Theological Seminary, through our Campus Bias Tip Line. Students are segregated by race for part of the training in order to avoid "harm" to students of color. These pathetic woke, weak weenies have been conned into believing the narrative that white people are racist. The seminary creates a “safe space” for white people because “it creates a space where we can really grapple with our whiteness.” I know it sounds bizarre but it is true. Then there is the BIPOC space. One person says she thinks that “knowing that every member of our institution has committed themselves to this work offers a powerful testimony to our broader seminary community that we recognize anti-racism formation is a critical component Christian discipleship and witness.  Another says, “I think the anti-racism affirms a holistic theology”. Still another says, “We first need to hear the voices that have been historically oppressed”, “be empathetic to the struggles, the traumas that have been experienced over time and over history”.  This kind of psycho-babble is truly twisted, psychotic thought.

I am part Huguenot from France. The Romans invaded my country and treated my people badly. I have been historically oppressed from the 2nd century AD to the year 455 AD. The struggles and traumas I have experienced “over time and over history” as a result of 400 years of Roman oppression are unspeakable. Can I have some money please?

Recently (March 2021) A group of teachers and others in Loudoun County, Virginia, compiled a blacklist of parents who they felt disagreed with the school’s teaching of critical race theory (CRT), in an effort to humiliate them online. 

The blacklist was in part to “infiltrate,” to use “hackers” to silence parents’ communications and to “expose these people publicly,” the Daily Wire first reported.

It goes beyond Loudoun County of course. “Virginia is redesigning our vision for the education of its students by providing equity within a safe and healthy learning environment.” So says the VIRGINIA SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING STANDARDS 2021 document. This is heavy duty indoctrination from Pre-K through Grade 12. What good is social emotional learning if the kids can’t read and write?

By the way, if you are reading this from Canada, don’t get too smug. My granddaughter’s first school in Ontario is a total failure. Only 65% of third graders could read a grade level. That may be better than Baltimore but it is still a pathetic performance. The rest of Ontario is a failure at about 80%. These teachers and admin should all be fired and a new group hired. No matter their qualifications, they could do no worse.

The woke-aristas running schools in both countries are more interested in so-called equity than in learning. If nobody can read at grade level, you have achieved your goal of “equity”. If everyone is equally stupid, congratulations. You have achieved your goal of “equity”.

There has to be a reason for black, inner city failures in America. Since we don’t want to accept responsibility we have to find the bad guy. How convenient. There are lots of white folks around. Let’s blame them. Let’s blame slavery for all black ills whether you live in the northern states where slavery was illegal or the southern states where slavery was legal. MLK thought you should be judged by the content of your character. But that’s no longer a good idea. You will be judged by the color of your skin.

What happened to cause a young black girl to grow up, riot and loot a high end fashion store in Chicago and justify it as “reparations, baby”? She has no moral compass. Anything you do for her will not be good enough. What do these entitlement babies want? They want what you’ve got. They want MORE!

Then there is Kamala. The concept of reparations is a bit complicated for her. Her daddy’s family were both black and slave-owners. So, does that mean Kamala pays herself reparations? She’ll do anything, take any position to get ahead. Oh yeah, she already has. She's Indian when it suits her and balck when it suits her. Now she is just “Biden” her time.



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