It's time for the truth. Not your truth or my truth or someone else's truth. Just THE truth.


3. Equity (Deep Equity)

Equity is left wing code. Equity is an insidious false narrative. It sounds good. Who wouldn't want so-called "equity"? But it is not good. The word "equity" sounds close to the word "equality" but in the real world they are totally different.

In the real world, "equity" is being used to define equality of outcome, not equality of opportunity. With equity, everybody gets the same paltry amount - just enough to keep you in your place. It is ultimately backed up in the real world with a big stick to make sure you stay there.

Socialists love this word. Promoters of "equity" are painting a utopian picture of a world where everyone is exactly the same, gets everything the same. It sounds benevolent and "nice" but it denies the human condition. Some people are better at some things than others. Some skills have more value than others and will be rewarded accordingly. And yes, some people are smarter than others. Do you want someone with an IQ of your shoe size as your brain surgeon? No one should be denied the opportunity to be the best they can be but LeBron James should not have to share his income with me so that we achieve "equity" - the equality of outcome.   Should the person who operates on your car get paid the same as the person who operates on your heart? One has to train for a couple of years while the other has to train for more than 10 years. You better hope the heart surgeon is smarter too.


In British Columbia, Canada a man is locked up for calling his daughter “she”. He is trying to stop the state from allowing a 14-year old to start taking hormone blockers to transition. That’s not equity. That’s twisted. The world has truly lost perspective. In BC today, a doctor and psychiatrist with a political agenda and the government with the power to push that agenda have replaced the authority of the family with the authority of the state. We own your kids.

Allowing teens and younger to take life-altering drugs without parental input is just twisted. Allowing boys to play girls sports denies biology. Allowing boys to shower with girls is also twisted. (Although, as a horny 16 year-old, I would have thought it was a delightful idea. That’s why 16 year-olds aren’t allowed to vote. Not yet.) It seems like the world is dissolving at an astounding rate.

April 14, 2021: Brigham and Women’s hospital, one of the best hospitals in the country, has just crashed. They announced that they will institute race-based care to improve equity. This used to be a world-class hospital. I’m an old white guy. I can’t wait to go there to get a dose of the new black Hippocratic oath. Goodbye cruel world!

How warped is your thinking that you believe you can be “less white” by painting Black Lives Matter on the street in front of Trump Tower? The verdict is in. There are some really dumb white people out there. Bill DeBlasio is one of them. Dumb equals woke equals deluded. By the way, if you actually try to be less white, that’s cultural appropriation. You can’t win. You can only lose. Just ask Rachel Dolezal. She said she “identifies” as black even though she is white. That’s delusional but you would think the black community would embrace this “less whiteness”. You would be wrong. They trashed her.

Democrats are embracing the white self-loathing of the lunatic left in order to placate BLM, the apparently mythical Antifa and anarchists while the race-hustlers keep plying their trade.

Personally, I identify as a differently-abled, trans BIPOC. But only on Saturday nights when there is a full moon. Do I qualify as oppressed? Can I join your group? Can I get some money? Please? I want my fair share!

Deep Equity is a term bubbling up from the world of education that is founded on a false premise that America is racist and that children need to be indoctrinated into the truth of that racism. It is a bogus program by Corwin, a Sage publishing company.

Corwin, a publishing company, has bought into the Deep Equity concept. They offer “Deep Equity Consulting”:  Deep Equity - carving new pathways to personal, professional, and organizational transformation. Seems like they are trying to cash in on the equity gravy train.

Social justice warriors at Corwin's headquarters in Thousand Oaks, California, created a curriculum titled Deep Equity to teach students of color that any problems they have in school are the result of the actions of their white oppressors.

From the Corwin website, "The Deep Equity framework, based on the work of Gary Howard, helps schools and districts establish the climate, protocols, common language, and common goal of implementing culturally responsive teaching practices. The Deep Equity approach is based on the belief that such inequities are symptomatic of institutional biases

The Canadian Association of School Principals have bought into the devisive rhetoric of so-called Deep Equity. 

“Deep Equity is a 5-phase process that enables school and system leaders to initiate and facilitate a learning journey about equity with staff. Along this journey leaders and staff position themselves within the work by exploring the ‘why’ of inequities so that they can develop the collective, yet also deeply personal commitment to changing our schools—in turn, transforming our systems.”

It is unfortunate that they have been able to sell this drivel at the expense of educating children. 

The Brearley School reportedly has tuition of around $54,000 a year. The New York City school now requires at least one parent/guardian to participate in "required anti-racist training and ongoing reflection," and the application form requires parents to "share how your family values align with the School’s commitment". What school administrative moron decided to do this?  Who in their right mind would submit to that nonsense … and … pay for the privilege? If you are smart enough to make enough money to afford the Brearley School, are you smart enough to get your kids out of such a toxic environment? Do you really want your kids to grow up to be woke weenies and angry activists who hate themselves and their country?

How is it possible that educators from ivy league schools to public schools have come to the conclusion that America is better off with people divided by race? How did it get so bad? What happened to “all men are created equal” and “e pluribus unum”?


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