It's time for the truth. Not your truth or my truth or someone else's truth. Just THE truth.


15. Trump

A word about Trump. Trump is for America. Democrats are against Trump. Therefore, you have to conclude that Democrats are against America. Both are really obvious with Trump out of office ... for now.

Trump is a showman but here’s a news flash. Trump is not really about Trump. Those who begin to shake uncontrollably at the sound of his name or begin to speak in tongues at the sight of him may not be able to get past the Orangeman persona to appreciate his policies. Trump is about America First - what works best for America not the global elites. And he has proved it. Who can deny these America First benefits? Take an objective look and see if they are bad things or good things?

  1. Criminal Justice Reform. The Democrats didn’t do it.

  2. Long Term Financing for Historically Black Colleges. Obama didn’t do it.

  3. Reduced Regulation: You can now get a road built in less than 15 years. You can now get a vaccine in less than a year.

  4. A logistical miracle to get PPE as well as vaccines developed and delivered at warp speed. Trump’s crisis response was a tour de force. Even Joe Biden got vaccinated in December, 2020 although he seems to not remember that.

  5. An economic growth rate the Democrats (and RINO’s) said we would never see again.

  6. Higher income for lower class workers for the first time in decades.

  7. Lowest unemployment for blacks, hispanics and women in decades.

  8. Control of immigration. You are not a country without borders.

  9. Lower taxes for people.

  10. Lower taxes for corporations including repatriation of billions kept overseas now invested in America.

  11. Adding new Supreme Court Justices who support and defend the constitution.

  12. Adding hundreds of district court judges who support and defend the constitution.

  13. Moving the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

  14. Eliminating ISIS.

  15. Standing up to China and protecting American intellectual property and enterprises.

  16. Getting America out of endless wars.

  17. Getting tough with the UN and NATO and having Europe contribute to their own defence.


And that is just the short list. 

He did it all while being falsely and viciously attacked and sabotaged at every turn by Democrats and Permanent Washington, then combating the China virus. I think he made mistakes in his handling of the pandemic but, when you’re up to your ass in alligators ... I think I'll cut him some slack.

Understand this. Trump will not live forever but his America First policy should live forever. He may get hit by a truck tomorrow or live to be 100 years old. Trump is not the issue. The longer term question is who carries the America First policy forward after Trump? America is under attack by the loonie left. Sadly today that includes the Democratic party. Who will step up and defend the vision of the founding fathers and the US Constitution? Who actually likes America?


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