Teachers in the Dufferin Peel Catholic School system are telling 5 year-olds that we (white people) did terrible things to the native peoples.

In a December 8, 2020 peel district school board meeting "The Open Session commenced with the acknowledgement that the meeting is being held on the traditional territory of the Mississauga of the Credit First Nation ..." This is remarkably stupid and wrong.

I bought a used car in 2011. Do I have to acknowledge the previous owner every time I drive the car? It’s time to stop the phony woke apologia, acknowledge that Canada (and the United States) are the most generous, freest, fairest, least racist countries in the world. We don’t force people to register and carry “Fatherland Cards”. We have rights that others don’t. Let’s celebrate The True North Strong and Free!

The school board neglected to recognize that the land was first purchased in 1787 with the Toronto Purchase and again in 1806 or that the land they say belonged to the Mississauga of the Credit First Nation was land that changed hands in brutal battles between stone-aged peoples for thousands of years before the white man arrived in the 1500’s. The Mississauga of the Credit First Nation just happened to be the last ones sitting when the music stopped.

The history of man is a brutal history. In the 1500’s, people of the Americas were savage and brutal. The so-called civilized peoples of Europe were equally savage and brutal. The Europeans just had better tools and toys so they won. The stone age peoples of the Americas had not seen or invented the wheel, the canon, well-honed metal swords, knives and hatchets or horses, sailing ships, etc. They were as shocked by the European technology of the day as we will be when the UFO’s start landing.

A look back at the reign of Henry VIII from 1509 to 1547 will illustrate the point. He killed a lot of people including his cook whom he boiled because he thought the cook was trying to poison him. And let’s not forget the 5 wives and Sir Thomas More. He had them beheaded because they would not do what he wanted. Nice guy! The 1500’s were brutal times in Europe as well as the Americas and around the world. Man was not enlightened back then. Some are not enlightened today.

Starting in 1986, the Mississaugas opened a land claims settlement process with the Government of Canada to rectify its grievance over the Toronto Purchase and a smaller plot of land near Burlington Bay. In 2010, Canada agreed to pay $145 million for the lands, based on the ancient value of the land, extrapolated to current dollars. The money was distributed to the band government, with each of the 1,700 present day receiving $20,000, with the rest placed in trust for future generations. (I’m sure that will work out well since the leaders of current and past generations have done such a fine job managing the affairs of their people.)

From that same meeting: 
November 24 board meeting:
Ministry Review Directive #16 -Anti-Racism Policy

New Director, Colleen Russell-Rawlins, stated that an Anti-Racism Policy will outline the organization's commitment to equity and inclusion, as perceived through an anti-racism, anti-oppression perspective. It will increase expectation [sic] of students, staff, trustees and the community, and will provide clarity on the complaint procedure to address any perceived contravention of those expectations, and possible remedies. Director Russell-Rawlins advised that an external consultant, Akwatu Khenti was engaged by the Board to co-develop a critical path for the development of this policy in collaboration with community members and staff.

Akwatu Khenti expressed appreciation for the privilege and opportunity to work with the Board in developing an Anti-Racism Policy. He provided an overview of key activities and deliverables which included: reviewing the feedback about racism related challenges within the Board, harnessing the work that has been done so far and building on it; consulting with a variety of stakeholders about the types of racial challenges that have occurred over the years; working towards developing a final document that will address all themes that have emerged and issues identified. A draft policy will be brought to the Board by the end of January 2021. Responding to a question from Supervisor Rodrigues, Akwatu Khenti stated that various consulting mechanisms will be explored, and the ones that work best for each community will be selected to obtain input. In response to a query, Director Russell-Rawlins clarified that a draft policy will be brought to the Board in February 2021, when feedback will be noted and a final policy will be brought back for consideration.

Colleen Russell-Rawlins seems to have made a career as a race monger. Why would anyone hire a hater? Hate is hidden behind the smile. (Think about the snake in the Garden of Eden.) Akwatu Khenti, with his faux African name, is also making money as a racist hater. (He’s no more African than I am Irish). I don’t run around saying "Top ‘o the mornin’ to ya". These people are one-trick ponies. To a person whose only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. If you hire an "Equity" manager, don’t be surprised to learn you have an “equity” problem. And guess what? They just happen to have the solution ... for a modest fee, of course.

That leads me to CRT, Critical Race Theory and BLM, Black Lives Matter. They intersect. CRT posits that white people are oppressors and black people (with a brief nod to brown and indigenous peoples) are the oppressed. White people are bad. Black people are good. Now there’s a positive message. What could possibly go wrong? MLK’s “content of your character” is so yesterday! 

Add to CRT, the 1619 Project and BLM and you round out the package of lies. The 1619 Project is as fictional as Alex Hailey’s Roots. BLM was founded on lies. "Hands up. Don’t shoot." was a piece of fiction that BLM used to amass $90 million in donations from frightened corporations who were willing to pay the peace ransom and stupid white people who wanted to assuage their misplaced guilt. These woke weenies have bought into the lies and now it has metastasized into a cancer spreading through schools. 

Your kids are being taught to hate. They are being taught the complete opposite of what Martin Luther King preached. Your kids are now being told to judge people by the colour of their skin rather than the content of their character. If you are white, CRT says you are an oppressive racist because you are white. If you are black, you are being oppressed by your 5 year-old classmate if they are white. What kind of sick son of a bitch thinks that’s a good idea?

The 1619 Project would have you believe that the United States is built on slavery and racism. I guess the people who wrote the 1619 Project and those who support it don’t believe or have not read the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration states, very clearly, "all men are created equal". What’s not to understand? Why would this 1619 Project nonsense be imported into Canada? Isn’t Canada the true north strong and free? Don’t we have a Charter of Rights and Freedoms? OK, so there’s an "out" clause in the Charter but, before COVID allowed the government to quash your rights, you sort of had some freedoms, or thought you did. When you put CRT, BLM, the 1619 Project and wimpy wokeness in a blender and turn it on, the result is a drink that has a foul smell and taste. If you drink it, you lose your integrity, your honesty, your morality and your soul.

Don’t drink it. Don’t let your kids drink it.


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