A New Teacher Today Needs

Wisdom + Courage


If you believe in Equity, Critical Race Theory, Transgenderism, etc. the school boards, the teachers unions and the woke folk will love you forever or at least as long as you agree to believe what they want you to believe. Read no further.

But, what if you don’t?


This article addresses the problems you will face if you don’t believe. The herd mentality of woke-aholics and committed idealogues can be dangerous. They swarm and attack individuals without mercy. They strategically pound on larger groups. What they don’t do is quit. They don’t succumb to logic or facts. They just shift and double down on their attacks. They are ruthless liars and totally without moral character.

If you don’t believe that a 5 year-old white boy is an oppressor and white supremasist just because he is white, then you don’t believe in CRT. If you don’t believe in CRT, how do you teach it? How do you teach it and retain your integrity and your soul?

Nothing illustrates the intransigency of the woke folk better than the transgender issue. The science is not in question. Males have one X and one Y chromosome. Females have two X chromosomes. From the movie Kindergarden Cop, “Boys have a penis. Girls have a vagina.” That is a fact and it can not be changed. But it can be denied, ignored and obfuscated. Ben Shaprio, a conservative commentator said, “Facts don’t care about your feelings.” The woke folk turn that around and say, “Feelings don’t care about your facts.”

When an alternate orthodoxy is needed, woke professors with sociology and psychology PhD’s go to work creating new language and new “facts” to match the desired outcome. In other words, they define the “fact” they want, then create the elements to fit. It produces a kind of circular logic that can’t be broken from within and that is hard to penetrate from without. If the lie (the fantasy fact) is repeated often enough it can take root. 70+ genders is now a fact for the woke folk and how dare you dispute the “fact”. “Hands up. Don’t shoot.” is taken at face value as real by BLM activists and their white woke allies. It’s the new “fact”, not the real fact, not the truth. It too is a lie. But who cares about the truth. How rational is it to walk down the street wearing a pink vagina hat? But people did it! The wokesters are only interested in “their truth” not your facts.

Here is the story of a couple of teachers in Chicago. He is a Phy Ed teacher. She is a Math teacher. He is white. She is black. Martin and Takyrica Kokoszka are caught in the middle. What do they teach their three children?


Maggie Cahill, the Chicago district’s Climate and Culture Coach, declared, "All schools are rooted in white supremacy" and that racism is "so systematic" that it is "in the air we breathe" and "the water we drink." (Ask yourself, do we really need a Climate and Culture Coach?)

Martin turned to me, "How does that work? Are my kids half-oppressor and half-oppressed?" Takyrica took it a step further, "And when they come home, who do they see? Their parents? Or do they see an oppressor and the oppressed?"

This is so outrageous it seems not to be real, But it is real. The Maggie Cahill’s of this world are very real, very warped and very dangerous. There are many Maggies hiding in plain sight.


G.K. Chesterton wrote, “A dead thing can go with the stream, but a living thing can go against it.” Do you have what it takes to “go against it”?

You may need to stand up, speak up and fight back. And, there may be a cost for that. Note, it is easy for me to say that since I’m on the cruise control retirement side of life. However, if I may quote my late great aunt, Constance Burger, it “freezes my ass” to see these wokesters get away with their lies and hypocrisy. 

If you are going to take on the dragon, you will need Wisdom + Courage. How does a young new teacher who doesn’t believe the woke lies proceed with a career and still survive the woke machine? That takes Wisdom + Courage. It also takes guerilla tactics of stealth, subterfuge and sniping.

It takes Wisdom to strategically and skillfully navigate the woke minefield and come out the other end with your chosen profession still intact. It takes Courage to even try.

Schools and the teaching profession are in trouble in many ways.

Walter Williams, a noted black economist, pointed out in 2014 that the average black kid in the 12th grade in the United States has the reading, writing and computational skills at the 7th grade level. At one Brampton public school, only 65% of 3rd graders could read at grade level. For all of Ontario, the number is just over 80%. How shameful is that? It should be 99%. That school in Chicago is no better today. At the elementary school attended by the two younger Kokoszka kids, 55% of the whites and 13% of the blacks in grades three through five were on grade level for the ELA metric. For math, it was worse with 66% of the whites on grade level while only 8% of the blacks made the cut.

Are we really meant to believe that black kids are less capable, less able to think? Are we really supposed to dumb down the work for everyone? Takyrica said, "Math is a superpower and I know if I can instill the love of math in my students it will open the world for them. Education is what got me to where I am today. It wasn’t activism."

We are beginning to see the truth of the comment that you get the government you deserve. School board politics is tough and dirty. These are entrenched wokesters who will fight to hold onto power. It is interesting to note  that the Peel Board of Education’s statement, “OUR MORAL IMPERATIVE” says NOTHING about reading, writing and math results. I guess teaching kids is not a moral imperative for the Peel Region school board.

https://online.fliphtml5.com/kadk/gpcn/#p=1 (page 4)


The Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board is just as bad. Read this:


According to Cardinal Thomas Collins, Archbishop of Toronto,  “Racism knows no boundaries and it remains a present-day challenge that must not be ignored.” The hypocrisy of the Catholic Church also knows no boundaries. They’ve drunk the CRT Koolaid and bought the bunk because their cowardice knows no boundaries. Apparently the leader of the Christian world can’t stand up to the woke world. I think they lost their moral compass a couple of thousand years ago. In sports terms, Lions 1, Christians no score.


Those who are aware of the problems in our schools and try to do something about it are “cancelled”. The administrative deep state is circling the wagons.

This is the system that a new young teacher is walking into. Neither school boards nor principals nor teachers unions give a RIP about the kids they are supposed to serve. That has been brought to light quite clearly by COVID-19 actions or lack of action. The corruption in education is wide and deep. These “schoolroom bullies” are ruthless in their political actions. Even if you just want to teach kids, can you wade through the swamp and not “get any on you”?

The truth is you may lose. You may need to find another profession instead of doing what you spent your hard-earned time and money to learn. The “founding fathers” of confederation pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honors. If they had lost they would have been hung. So they took it seriously. George Washington was one of the richest men in the colonies at that time. He had a lot to lose. So did the other 56 people who signed the Declaration of Independence. Are you ready to fight?


Now for a note of optimism. Parents and some teachers are starting to fight back. There are groups forming to take on the entrenched school boards and parents who have had enough. It’s just getting started but the pendulum is beginning to swing the other way. The following links are examples in the US, but Canada isn't be far behind.

Take a look at what’s happening all around. In Loudoun County, VA the parents have had enough. Check out this rally.

Rally in Loudoun County on CRT in Schools
June 12, 2021


Mom Goes Nuclear On School Board Over Critical Race Theory
Jun 7, 2021

Parents accuse school board of trying to indoctrinate students with controversial 'Critical Race The
May 18, 2021

Grosse Pointe teacher roasts board of education in intense resignation speech
Apr 28, 2021

Loudoun County Parents are Fed Up
Mar 29, 2021

Repeal the Loudoun County School Board


Wisdom + Courage: a suggested strategy to tackle the problem.


  1. If they ask you to take CRT training, take it. Record it and save it for later protection of your rights.

  1. Start looking for groups of educators and parents to support you. There is strength in numbers. One person can’t go it alone. You need a group and plan of action that can be implemented in a coordinated attack against an entrenched enemy.

  1. If they ask you to teach CRT (and they will), start teaching it. It’s important to pay the rent and put groceries on the table. If you can find a way to subvert it as you teach, so much the better.


  1. Look for alternative teaching opportunities in private schools that don’t teach woke. I am assuming there are some. I could be mistaken. CRT, indigenous apologia, and trans BS have infiltrated a long way.

  1. Get quietly politically active and work with your support groups. I’ll bet you can find 50 people to start who want to push back against CTR and the woke nonsense.

  1. Be ready to “come out of the closet” as a rational person when the time is right. Expect to be attacked by the looney left. They are vicious. Just know that there are other rational people out there.

I could go on but, you get the idea. You will need Courage + Wisdom to survive in today’s educational swamp. Look out for the alligators!

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